Omnis-Digital Inc. was built to help people with great ideas put those ideas into the hands of millions of people worldwide. Not only is getting your idea out there a goal of ours, but turning your app idea into an actual application that lives up to and exceeds your expectations is the number one focus. Thats why we keep you involved every step of the way, from wireframes to Minimal Viable products all the way up to the production version of the application, ensuring that the idea that is in your mind, either meets or exceeds your wildest expectations.

Mobile Application Development

Have an awesome app idea, but have no clue where to start. We are here to help. We can build NATIVE iOS & Android applications. Whether its a small scale idea or the next Instagram we will assist you in researching its viability, determining a market, target user groups and of course developing the app from thought to store listing, all while making sure your idea ends up matching the final product, every step of the way.

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Play store listing Optimizations

Do you have an app on Google play? Not doing so hot? We can assist you in bringing your apps ranking up a comfortable level for both you and your users.

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Do you have an app on the store, or out there in the internet of things? Would you like to know where your app is doing well, where it could use a little work and what type of users you are getting? Whether it be Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics or even Facebooks Analytics we can help you determine the best platform as well as setting up the code, tracking your specific events and giving you the data snapshot that will drive you toward success.