Our Apps

Intell for Ingress:

Features Fullscreen Intel map

The app that started it all. Intell for ingress was designed and built piece by piece before I attained any formal schooling for programming at all. I was an avid player of the game Ingress. With that came the necessity for a full screen map that I could use at a moments notice to check on portals, fields and my AOR. After putting it out there for some teammates I was swarmed with users, today we are 3,000 shy of 200,000 downloads & a 4 star rating on the play store. Users can bookmark locations on the map, share a link to their current map and even gives a user the option to navigate directly to a specific point. Users can theme the app to their faction as well as get verified as to which faction their username is registered to.

Server Monitor for Plex: Currently in Beta

I have a vast plex library with nearly 20TB of media. Hosting it and sharing it with friends and family, Often I would get requests as to the status of my server when issues arose and was usually the last to know. I built Server monitor for plex to make sure I am the first to know as well as giving me the ability to see what is being watched and by whom, complete with user names, progress, IP addresses and even the summary of the content. Server Monitor for plex also gives me the ability to alert select friends & family automatically when the app detects my server is down. It includes a widget to show you the status of the server as well. The app works for users like myself who host more than 1 server instance as well

Near Miss:

Developed to work with a previously existing web system to track potential safety issues, events at Dunmore Corporation. Near Miss is used by employees to record anything they see as unsafe or that could result in someone being hurt or damage to property. Near Miss gives users the ability to attach photos and submit their required monthly near miss while at work or at home.

Alora: Currently in beta

Alora was built and designed as a necessity for my Daughter. She needed open heart surgery at 6 months old. The vast amounts of information needed a place to organized, stored and recalled where my family & I could make sense of it while making the best well educated decisions for her care. While in school for Mobile development I built an early version of this app that to this day I hold dear. It has all information from her 3 week long ordeal and I will continue to use Alora for the remainder of my daughters life long care.